Talent Strategy

We hope that such people will join our team

The most important thing, the first is the talent, the second is the talent, the third or talent. Since its inception, Oshi Mai always adhere to the "people-oriented development strategy" to attract corporate culture to create opportunities to cultivate people to motivate the use of good people to retain the cause of development. Here, we provide to you, will not only be a job, but a dream to achieve the stage of life.


We only choose the right people, with the right people, to do the right thing. And values always serve as the first criterion for talent selection.

Educate people        

We are committed to building a learning organization, individualized, through a variety of training and job practice, to create a core competitiveness of the team.

Keep people        

We strive to build a fair, passionate, high-paying platform. Through the promotion of fair promotion path, competitive salary system and perfect employee benefits, let employees make life happier and work happier.