Vtaste and Shenzhen Food Importers & Exporters Association participated in the Shanghai exhibition F...


FHC 2017 was held at the New International Expo Center, Pudong, Shanghai from 14 to 16 November. The exhibition is also known as the weathervane of China's imported food market and the most important international salon in the food and catering industry. The exhibition, a international publicity platform, can offer the most effective trade chance for companies to enter international market. It gathers various food enterprises together, conforming to the trend of industry development, and can help two sides carry out comprehensive and deep negotiations.

It was reported that the Shanghai Pudong Inspection and Quarantine Bureau had open “Easy Access” for this exhibition and worked overtime so as to make sure this exhibition held successfully. This exhibition has attracted pavilions from South Korea, Russia, the United States, Australia, Japan, Turkey, Argentina, Malaysia, Thailand, Italy, Germany, Ukraine, France, Canada, New Zealand, Spain, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Hongkong, Macao and other more than 20 countries and regions to come, and thousands of exhibitors participated it too.

Vtaste, as a member of Shenzhen Food Importers & Exporters Association, has participated this exhibition with Hengkangda and other twenties of members. Vtaste, as Osman’s gourmet social e-business platform, is devoted to sourcing delicious food world wide for foodies and ensures good quality and price. It has users enjoyed delicious food world wide by moving fingers without going outside.

Vtaste had showed Finland biscuits, Japan Bintian soysauce, and Singapore Wohhup sauce on the exhibition. Besides, we invited chef to cook food with the sauce we had showed on site and shared with audience. A lot of people had been attracted and remarked that the taste was awesome!

It’s no doubt that this exhibition enlarged the fame and influence of Vtaste and had its high quality products known by more Chinese customers. At the same time, it is proved that Vtaste has been recognized and affirmed by Chinese customers. We look forward to the better development of Vtaste platform and believe that it can offer good service for thousands of Chinese foodies!