Paperblanks and Osman made love donation to 31 schools jointly


On 13 june 2017, volunteers of Ar Khorchin Banner Student Assistance Management Center, Chifeng city, Inner Mongolia drove all the way to Ar Khorchin Banner Han-uula mongalian primary school, and donated 681 notebooks to students. It is the last donation station of Osman and Hartley & Marks Company which owns the classic notebook brand-paperblanks!  Han-uula- primary school is only one of the 31 primary schools for this donation.

The donation offers 6490 notebooks provided by Hartley & Marks, and they are worth about 400 thousand yuan in total. Osman, as the witness of this donation and disseminator of public spirit, is in charge of the activity organization, school contact, and transportation of notebooks. With the help of Mingde public welfare, Daliang Mountain program the branch of Tencent Volunteer Finance and Ar Khorchin Banner Student Assistance Management Center, thousands of children from 18 schools in Ar Khorchin Banner Chifeng and 13 schools in Ziyang city, Nanbu county Sichuan province as well as Liangshan Yanyuan county and Meigu county get these exquisite notebooks. Hartley & Marks Publishers Inc was founded in 1972 and devoted to the design and production of various beautifully designed and functional creative products. It is known by customers for their classic notebook brand-paperblanks in mainland China.

On May 11th, 69 boxes of 1656 kilograms exquisite notebooks were sent from Shenzhen airport to Inner Mongolia and Sichuan

On May 17th , donation goods arrived at Chengdu airport and Hohhot airport respectively

On May 19th , donation goods arrived at Ar Khorchin Banner, Inner Mongolia

From May 23rd to June 2nd, the donation finished in 13 schools, Sichuan province

On June 13th, the donation which jointly launched by Paperblanks and Osman, covering 31 schools in two provinces, ended successfully.

Han-uula mongalian primary school is a bilingual boarding school with 30 classes. On June 13th, 681 children received the notebooks donated, and teachers expressed their gratitude to all the participants and sponsors in the donation campaign. Children were full of curiosity to their notebooks which come from the other side of the ocean, and wrote down their dreams as well as the future vision of a better life with neat Mongolian.

Xihe township primary school in the Nanbu county of Nanchong city, Sichuan province, is located at the junction of Jianxian county and Nanbu county Sichuan, and is 120 kilometers from the county town. It is the most remote place in Nanbu county. Ar Khorchin Banner Paraty Rude primary school, Bayan flower second primary school, Qaidam primary school, Miaozi primary school of Daliang mountain Yanyuan county Sichuan province, Sonoda primary school, Meigu county Gangluo primary school...all these schools are similar to Xihe township primary school, located in remote district with inconvenient transportation and underdeveloped economy.

At the site of the donation, children were so happy that they painted their dreams and wrote blessing words on the notebooks. In the donation letter to schools, Hartley&Marks said, “we firmly believe that everyone is born with the right to read and write. We will participate in and support various public welfare and educational activities actively by donating notebooks etc every year.”

The donation lasted a month and ended successfully with the help of the public welfare organization.Paperblanks which owned by Hartley & Marks has been Osman’s business partner for many years.